Late success in life astrology

It was simply our fate, which had been written long before he and I met. I had grown tired of replaying every wrong move and angry word. Instead, I tried to relax into the great comfort that none of our behavior had mattered. I told myself I had been trapped in a choose-your-own-adventure book in which all paths led to the same sad ending.

And in this way, I finally managed to peel myself from the couch and return to my life in New York, where I had to study for the bar exam. A few weeks later, I was back in New Jersey for lunch with my parents, where they presented me with an envelope and a small plastic bag containing a pendant with a translucent blue-tinged, tear-shaped stone. I glanced at the envelope. Amita Patel USA. Health problems?

Everything going wrong? You may be under black magic. Contact us and all your problems will be solved. I had always pitied the desperate fools targeted by those ads. Now it seemed the desperate fool was me. My parents explained that the astrologer had predicted a bright marital future for me once an obstacle was removed.

Apparently, the position of two Vedic planets in my chart — Rahu and Ketu — was troubling, and my parents should have done a prayer ritual to rid me of the effects when I was born. Instead, they had let these two mischief-making planets have their way with me.

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The absurdity of the whole thing made me laugh, but I was eager to read the instructions and glad they were in English so my parents would not be able to skip the bad parts. I was to light incense and meditate on Lord Chandra, the god of the moon. I was to wash my moonstone in milk and the waters of the Ganges luckily my parents always have some in the refrigerator while repeating the Chandra Mantra times.

What did I have to lose? I wore my moonstone religiously and hoped Rahu and Ketu would stop messing with me. After taking the bar exam, I headed off on a seven-week adventure to Southeast Asia. I was in Laos on that 60th day of the moonstone prayer ritual, which I had completely forgotten about.

But as fate would have it, I had given morning alms to the monks in Luang Prabang, and the ritual made me want to fast, just as I sometimes did at home when my mother asked me to do so for religious reasons, so I had. After 90 days, my life had improved drastically. I no longer awoke feeling frustrated and angry.

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My Hindi movie melodrama had stopped replaying itself in my dreams. My father called and said that he had spoken with the counselor from Matri Vision and that a final step remained, which I could complete the next time I visited. When I went to New Jersey that weekend, my parents handed me a basket shrouded in black cloth. With planetary emphasis in Gemini we seek variety and stimulation, and prefer occupations emphasizing language, information, communication, typing, writing, speech, linguistics.

Planetary emphasis in Cancer shows interest in real estate and property, work related to families, or caring, nurturing occupations, including cooking, counseling, massage, working in hotels and restaurants, providing hospitality, or emotional presence and empathy. Leo emphasis suggests work involving creativity, self-expression, children, play, acting, dance, and performance. Virgo emphasis may indicate careers involving healthcare, medicine, nutrition, meticulous attention to detail, analysis, classification, systematizing, diagnosis—any highly technical, skilled occupation.

Libra emphasis may indicate interests in music or the visual arts, fashion, design, decorating, marriage counseling, mediation, or diplomacy. Another woman with Sun-Venus in Libra is a cosmetologist who enjoys talking to her clients about their relationships and marriages. Scorpio emphasis may indicate interest in occupations involving research, investigation, psychology, chemistry, surgery, dentistry, plumbing, or involving mysteries, sex, trauma, or death.

Sagittarius emphasis often indicates careers involving teaching and education, publishing, law, travel, international matters, journalism, philosophy, religion, preaching or teaching, promotion, advertising, or foreign trade. A woman with Sun-Venus-Mars in Sagittarius traveled around the world in her twenties on a quest for enlightenment, and now works in educational publishing.

Professor Noam Chomsky has Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius, an apt symbol for this towering intellectual genius. Capricorn denotes striving for achievement, authority, and security. Planetary emphasis here suggests ambition and interest in positions involving management, responsibility, and authority, and affording status, reputation, respect, recognition, and prestige. Planetary emphasis in Aquarius denotes interest in science, technology, invention, humanitarian causes, unions, social activism, group activity, and promoting progressive values.

Aquarius emphasis can also indicate interests in media, radio and TV, electronics, computer science. Pisces emphasis may indicate a focus on spirituality, mysticism, and human services, or water-related careers. Pisces careers might involve faith, trust, compassion, altruism, service, hospital work, welfare agencies, psychic abilities, volunteering, or nonprofit organizations. I once met a championship swimmer with natal Sun-Mars conjunct in Pisces. Mercury: good language and communication skills.

Jupiter: expansion through education, planning, goal setting, and taking advantage of moments of opportunity. Mars: energy, drive, initiative, motivation.

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Venus: having good people skills, dressing well, and exhibiting tact, diplomacy, and social appropriateness. Of all the planets, I consider the natal Sun the most powerful element in vocational astrology. Kristine, a woman with Sun-Mercury-Venus-Neptune conjunct in Scorpio on the Ascendant, is a former model Venus , and now a spiritual artist and educator who makes a strong impression through her colorful and expensive wardrobe. She has spent a lot of money on facials, plastic surgery, and body sculpting.

To her, image is everything Venus conjunct Ascendant. The Leo focus on dedication to children was part of his calling. Also, he made creative use of resources. He spent big money to construct an elaborate display at the Burning Man festival. He does this job to make good money Jupiter in Taurus. Fred asked me if he should quit his job, which bored him, to pursue his writing. I responded that his job allowed him to live comfortably to pursue his writing. Sometimes we need to be practical and find a viable way of sustaining ourselves financially so that we can pursue our true calling.

Una and Raul, recent immigrants from another country, called to consult with me. Her father is a very controlling patriarch Pluto in 4 th.

Prateek`s Vision Of Astrology: Astrology, Early success and late success in life

This is an occupation requiring great Virgo precision and attention to detail. At the time of consultation, transiting Saturn is conjunct her Ascendant. She needs to face the reality and limits of their situation, be patient, slowly save money, and make the best of their current small dwelling Saturn in Cancer , which at least is safe and quiet, she said. During her upcoming Saturn return in Cancer, perhaps she and Raul can fulfill their hopes of buying a house, possibly with some financial help from her family. He has the drive needed to get ahead in the competitive field of entertainment.

Jim has to bear the tension of the fact that he needs to hold various day jobs waiter, taxi driver, night security guard , none of them glamorous, but necessary for his survival. I began her consultation by asking if children were central in her life. Gwen replied that she has three children, and six stepchildren! Indeed, kids are the center of her life.

More on Tula later. Her day job is as an auditor and investigator Pluto for a large health insurance company Virgo. This is the house of training and apprenticeship. Our vocational path may be shaped by partnerships, friendships, or marriages.

The Years Of Your Life When You Should Definitely Read Your Horoscope

More on Ed later. His wife loved the money he earned, and he felt that his calling was to provide all the comfort and luxuries she desired, as well as to provide for the security of his children Saturn in Leo. In —3 Dave had progressed Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini. Dave got in on the ground floor of a major internet software company and made a fortune on company stock. Management of trusts, estates, or other shared funds can be a focal point of vocational activity. She manages the funds of others on a large scale. He never finished his graduate work or any of the writing he started years ago.

Chris has squandered energy on fruitless endeavors, impractical dreams, and illusions. Ann works in the sex industry, as a dominatrix.

Late Success in Life WHY ? (Hindi) Vedic Astrology

Her daily life is full of sensuous and aggressive exchanges. But Ann has other aspirations. This made it hard for her to endure the pressure, competition, and frequent disappointments of auditions. She felt she should be chosen for roles without having to audition, because of her past work and reputation. Her talent naturally drew attention from the public. She won auditions for several excellent theatrical roles. Sue is a highly paid administrative secretary at a large corporation, serving upper management.

She has a very visible position, and is a well-known figure at her company.

Discover Your Life’s Calling – Vocational Astrology Simplified

One day Sue called to tell me that she was quitting her job after thirteen years. I realized I had to break free in order to realize my teenage dream of becoming a great writer. She was individuating rapidly.